The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

Greenwich, Conn., has seen a "tremendous" rise at food shelters, "with out-of-work landscapers and housekeepers as well as real estate professionals who have not made a sale in months filling the line." [Times]

Michael Gross, the man who wrote the book 740 Park, says that Peter Huang’s $38 million duplex and Courtney Sale Ross’ gargantuan sprawl are both off the market. More importantly, his wife was featured on "Desperate Housewives" this week. [Gross]

Kenneth Cole’s penthouse on West 79th Street has sold for $12.5 million, well below its original $18.95 million tag. [Cityfile]

A 4.5-foot boa constrictor was found in the cushions of a living room sofa in Bensonhurst. Brooklyn is finally getting back to its pre-gentrification grooviness. [MSNBC, via Brownstoner]

NYU students have taken over a cafeteria, but, sadly, their list of demands doesn’t involve NYU real estate issues! [Gawker]

The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday