The Money List

ALBANY–David Paterson's staff is scrambling to figure out how much stimulus money is coming, and how it might be spent.

The best guess as of now, according to what I gleaned from a conference call with Chuck Schumer and David Paterson, is that New York will receive:

— $12.6 billion for increased Medicaid assistance to the state and localities over two years. The state alone will get $8.6 billion of this money; $2.8 billion will go to New York City; $929 million will go to counties upstate; $292 million will go to Nassau and Suffolk counties.

— $2.7 billion in an education stabilization fund to make up for the cuts the state will propose to the localities. There is no direct money for school construction, but it was added to the stabilization fund.

— $800 million in special education

— $1 billion in "title I funding"

— 87.5 million for drinking water, 439 million for sewage

— "about a billion" for highways, $1.3 billion for transit

— $403 million for weatherization

— $96 million for community law enforcement grants

— $390 million for New York City affordable housing construction

— $98 million for community development block grants

— $142 million for homelessness prevention

— $51 million for neighborhood stabilization

Schumer said he was very happy with the package. The Money List