Thompson’s Tack on Bloomberg’s Spending

In a preview of the anti-Bloomberg message we'll be hearing a lot more of from his less-wealthy Democratic opponents, here's Bill Thompson’s new campaign manager seizing on comments made by the mayor about campaign spending.

"I guess you have to ask why is the Mayor afraid of a fair fight?" campaign manager Eddy Castell said in an email. "Maybe he feels he needs to spend an obscene amount of money to hide his record of sweetheart giveaways to the Yankees, raising taxes on working families and attempts to close senior centers."

Castell also wrote, "It is the height of insensitivity to the economic challenges New Yorkers are facing for the mayor to be spending $100 million on a reelection while lecturing them on belt tightening and the need for austerity. Just last week he proposed a budget that raises the sales tax, cuts 14,000 teachers and slashes police and fire." Thompson’s Tack on Bloomberg’s Spending