Who Wants to Be the Next Morgenthau?

Now that reports are out saying 89-year-old Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau won’t seek re-election this year, there's a vacancy in one of the most coveted offices in New York.

Already running for the seat is Morgenthau’s 2005 challenger, Leslie Crocker Snyder, who said in 2005 that Morgenthau had been in office for too long.

Also running will be Cyrus Vance, an attorney who has put together a campaign and said he’d only run if Morgenthau didn’t.

Among the people working with Snyder is pollster Doug Schoen and consultant Michael Tobman. She’s also announced a slew of endorsements from unions representing the law enforcement community.

Working with Vance are consultants at Bill Lynch Associates, election attorney (and former state senator) Martin Connor, and fund-raiser Cindy Darrison.

(Morgenthau's office did not return my call seeking comment.)

City Hall News drops names of other possible candidates, including State Senator Eric Schneiderman and a commissioner at the Department of Investigations, Rose Gill Hearn.

UPDATE: In a public statement, Vance said:

"As I have said for several months, I am running to succeed Bob Morgenthau as Manhattan District Attorney, not to run against him. When and if Mr. Morgenthau makes an announcement about his political plans, I will definitely have something to say. I respect and honor Bob Morgenthau's years of service."

UPDATE II: Other candidates may include Dan Castleman, Richard Aborn, and possibly Gregg Camp. Who Wants to Be the Next Morgenthau?