With $500k, Christie camp says it qualifies for matching funds

Former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie’s gubernatorial campaign announced today that they’ve raised over half a million dollars in three weeks – more than enough to qualify for matching funds from the state.

If the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) verifies the donations, Christie will be the second Republican to meet the $340,000 matching funds threshold. Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, who kicked off his campaign early, secured matching funds last month and has already begun a $500,000 ad blitz.

When a candidate meets the matching funds requirement, he or she will receive two dollars for every one they raise for up to $3.1 million in the primary, minus a $109,000 deductible. Christie has already said he intends to seek matching funds.

“The support with which donors have been backing Chris has been unmatched,” said Campaign Finance Chairman Jon F. Hanson in a statement. “It’s clear that Chris’s vision for New Jersey is resonating with the people of our state.”

The Christie campaign said that, although ELEC only requires disclosing donors of $300 or more, the campaign will release the names of all of its donors and ask them to sign a card that says “I have not been promised anything in return for this contribution other than a better New Jersey state government.”

Governor Corzine has indicated that he does not intend to seek matching funds. With $500k, Christie camp says it qualifies for matching funds