A Client 9 Joke. On the State Senate Floor.

ALBANY—The topic of not doing budget conference committees just came up on the floor of the State Senate, and Long Island's Carl Marcellino attacked the process thusly: "I contend that what we are doing to this budget process is what Client 9 did to that young lady in that hotel in Washington."

The video is below. Some Democrats were immediately outraged.

"We would expect all senators to conduct themselves with the respect and dignity New Yorkers demand from their legislators," Austin Shafran, a spokesman for Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, said. "Anything less isn't worthy of this great chamber or the people it serves."

"The Democrats should be more concerned with coming out from behind closed doors and negotiating a budget in public. That's what needs to be done if we're going to get a fair budget done on time," said Mark Hansen, a spokesman for Senate Republicans. A Client 9 Joke. On the State Senate Floor.