Aide Says Bloomberg’s Campaign Offices Will Not Be ‘Glamorous’

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign will open its offices in each borough starting the weekend of March 28, according to Maura Keaney, who is spearheading the mayor’s ground operation.

In a brief telephone interview, Keaney said the five offices will be “centrally located” in each borough and accessible to mass transit.

“These are not glamorous corporate headquarters. These are campaign offices. I think it’s really indicative of the campaign’s commitment” to “talking to New Yorkers in their neighborhood,” said Keaney.

The campaign is looking to open operations in the outer boroughs “so folks won’t have to schlep into Manhattan,” she said.

Bradley Tusk reportedly told volunteers there will be a total of 20 campaign offices. Keaney would only say they will open more offices as the campaign season goes on.

When asked about the amenities people can expect to find at the offices – Bloomberg is known for providing free food and drinks to employees – Keaney said there will be “salty snack foods. These are not going to be a catered affairs. There will be snack foods. This a campaign office.”

Aide Says Bloomberg’s Campaign Offices Will Not Be ‘Glamorous’