Are Tedisco’s Ads Hurting Him?

ALBANY—Way down in the data in today’s poll on the 20th Congressional race is an indication that Republican candidate Jim Tedisco’s advertising is actually hurting him.

Of those people who had seen ads “on behalf” of Tedisco, the survey finds, 28 percent were less likely to vote for him as a result, compared to 12 who became more likely. For Murphy, 28 percent became more likely as opposed to 20 percent who were less likely. (For both candidates, the majority of those surveyed said the ads had no effect.)

Both sides are up with negative ads, and Tedisco yesterday lashed out at Murphy for his latest. The NRCC released this ad (below) today, which takes Murphy to task for investing in Indian company It shows a picture of the Taj Mahal, maybe a subtle reminder of the line of attack that Murphy is an out-of-touch “Wall Street millionaire,” or maybe something else.

I asked one elected Republican from the district why this was the case. The person noted that Tedisco has always been a better foil than a person out front.

“It was over when he went negative,” the elected Republican said. “When you get negative, it shows you’ve got nothing left.”

One of the organizations running ads on behalf of Tedisco is the  Our Country Deserves Better Political Action Committee.

Tedisco’s campaign spokesman Joshua Fitzpatrick put out a statement on today’s poll. Here it is:

“The campaign has said from the very beginning that this race will be a competitive, hard-fought contest.  The facts are that Jim Tedisco has led in every single poll, he continues to lead and he is taking nothing for granted.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Washington Democrats and their special interest allies have spent millions on false and misleading advertising in a desperate attempt to try to distort Jim’s proven record.  Upstate working families won’t be fooled.  They know Jim Tedisco and trust his proven record of public service and fighting for them.  Wall Street millionaire Scott Murphy has no record of public service, which is why he continues running from his murky past and keeps lying about Jim Tedisco.” 

Are Tedisco’s Ads Hurting Him?