Bloomberg Says He’d Run Without Backing From a Major Party

Michael Bloomberg said “oh sure” when asked if he’ll run for re-election even if he can’t get on a major party line, and stressed that it’s just easier to get elected running as either a Democrat or Republican.

The mayor was speaking with reporters after addressing students at a Harlem charter school.

Bloomberg, an independent, has been seeking the permission of the Republican Party to run in its mayoral primary. The question of whether Bloomberg would run if he doesn’t has been consistently raised by aides to Republican John Catsimatidis, who says he will also run.

The Manhattan Republican Party, which will most likely be the deciding vote for Bloomberg, is holding a candidates’ screening on May 6. Bloomberg spokesman Howard Wolfson recently said the mayor plans to attend.

In a response to a reporters’ question about his contingency plan if the effort to get on the Republican ballot failed, Bloomberg said, “Oh sure, you can create your own party but it would be easier if you get on the line of some existing parties. I was a Democrat, as you know, would have never gotten through a Democratic primary.”

Bloomberg went on to say, “The way the system works is if you’re on a line of a major party it’s easier to get elected than if you’re not. I’ve never been very partisan, as you know.”

Bloomberg Says He’d Run Without Backing From a Major Party