Bloomberg Sends Lots of Stimulus Money to Staten Island

The biggest chunk of the federal stimulus money coming to New York City is heading to the smallest borough.

Of $261 million, $175 million is designated for overhauling ramps in the Saint George Ferry Terminal.

When asked at the press conference today why so much money was going to one project, Bloomberg let his transportation commisioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, answer first. She said it is an important project, and shovel-ready.

Later, Bloomberg–who is running for re-election–stepped up and said, “Some boroughs need more than others, but fundamentally, it’s a pretty even balance spread around, particularly per capita.”

Per capita, Staten Island handed Bloomberg the largest margin of victory he achieved in any of the boroughs in the 2005 election. For what it's worth.

UPDATE: An aide to the mayor called to say the stimulus funds going to the Staten Island Ferry, and other projects, helped free up city money that can now be sent elsewhere. The displaced money, the aide said, was more evenly distributed throughout the city.

  Bloomberg Sends Lots of Stimulus Money to Staten Island