Corzine’s economic approvals are his greatest danger

The most devesating number in today's Quinnipiac University poll for Governor Jon Corzine is not his upside-down approval rating or his trailing Republican Christopher Christie by nine points — it is voter approvals on his handling of the economy. More than half the voters (56%) disapprove of the way Corzine has handled the economy, while 31% approve. Among Independent voters, he is upside-down on economic issues, 27%-60%.

Asked if during the economic crisis New Jersey should be led by businessman like Corzine or a new face like Christie, 37% said a businessman and 49% said a new face. Among Independents, it was 53%-31% for a new face. Among New Jerseyans without a college degree, it was 54%-32%, and among senior citizens, it was 51%-33% in favor of a new face. In South Jersey, it was 54%-49% new face over businessman.

Just under half of New Jersey voters (48%) say that Christie's seven years as U.S. Attorney qualify him to be Governor, while 36% say no. Corzine’s economic approvals are his greatest danger