Darrison Pondering a Move From Paterson to Cuomo (Sort of)

At least in one respect, David Paterson's now-former fund-raiser Cindy Darrison may soon be going over to the other camp.

Darrison, who parted ways with the woe-beset governor  last month, currently finds herself in the awkward position of subletting work space in the governor's campaign office at 461 Park Avenue South.

She said about half of her current office is packed up in boxes, but she needs to move.  

As chance would have it, she said, the two buildings that offer the most attractive office space for Darrison Barrett & Associates are 633 Third Avenue and 120 Broadway, the headquarters, respectively, of Paterson and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the man who happens to be situated perfectly to take advantage of Paterson’s political collapse.

"Of all the buildings in New York City and all the developers I know," said Darrison, "these are the two buildings I find perfect space in."

Darrison suggested she was partial to Cuomo's building, because "it was on really good subway lines and Larry Silverstein runs a really tight building," but she said the potential move to Cuomo's headquarters does not indicate any business arrangement between her and the attorney general.

She said she is not consulting for Cuomo, and said that her major client right now is district attorney candidate Cyrus Vance. (Vance has also hired Global Strategy Group, Cuomo's consulting firm, where Darrison used to have office space.)

She said that several candidates had reached out to her since she stopped working for the governor.

"The thing that makes sense to me is to line up my 2009 campaigns first, and that's actually what I'm doing," she said. "Then I'll think about 2010." Darrison Pondering a Move From Paterson to Cuomo (Sort of)