VSL:WEB // Ringo Starr’s favorite website

Playing with Ron Winter’s QWERTY-based drum set will send you back to the glory days of eighties synth-pop. Whether that’s a good thing, well — we’ll leave it up to you.

Use your mouse to click on the Iron Maiden–like mask at the top of the screen: It’ll give you a few seconds of backing rhythm. Then use your keyboard to inflect on the beat. Q is a high hat. W is the snare. But the keys on the bottom right of your keyboard are the most fun to play: Hit N to hear a nasty-sounding hard-rock grunt, B for a bam that’s nicked from Wham’s “Wham Rap,” and V for something slightly dirtier. Be warned: The site is definitely NSFW — not because it’s profane, but because your office mates will want to throttle you.

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