Elsewhere: Imminent Doomsday

Forty-eight hours until the M.T.A. strikes the city with "doomsday." Advocates scramble.

The chair of the M.T.A. urges passage of the budget cuts, calls them "horrific."

An Inwood blogger laments the service cuts

Malcolm Smith has little to say about Hiram Monserrate's indictment; this afternoon, he issued a statement.

The Brooklyn Optimist wonders, "How bad does an elected official have to be to provoke criticism from their colleagues? "

No one has been answering the State Senate's hotline for budget ideas.

Buried in today's Siena poll: George Pataki hypothetically would beat Kirsten Gillibrand.

David Paterson defended his tenure as Senate minority leader.

Eliot Spitzer pulled in about $40,000 for his truncated 2008 term.

Vote Tedisco, urges one lawn. And John Sweeney?

Dan Squadron's new plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park eliminates condos, and would divert a portion of property taxes to fund the park. [corrected]

Secy. Clinton has a new press guy.

The new State Department legal adviser, Harold Koh, believes the Iraq War violated international law, and he strongly opposes torture.

Bailed-out companies are donating to political campaigns.

It might be OK if Timothy Geithner's bank-rescue plan fails.

Krugman think the administration is giving bank investors a better deal than they're admitting.

A.I.G. is sort of worried about its employees.

Elsewhere: Imminent Doomsday