Elsewhere: Paterson’ Judicial Pick, Albany’s Budget Delays

Michael Bloomberg wants you to get “mad as hell” about Albany’s failure to help the M.T.A.

Among other hikes, the M.T.A’s doomsday budget raises tolls.

Benjamin Kabak has major issues with the Times piece about voters who oppose East River tolls.

Republicans give signs of blocking the budget.

David Paterson appointed a Latino judge after months of pressure to do so.

NYPA will not raise rates after all.

One state senator notes that Paterson’s request that NYPA not raise its fees is somewhat at odds with the fact that he skimmed $500 million from the authority’s budget.

Kirsten Gillibrand reportedly irked the Clintons.

A poll shows a majority favors keeping mayoral control of schools.

There are some discrepancies in the fund-raising numbers for RenSquare.

Anthony Seminerio was indicted again.

In the comments section, readers note more political groups that Twitter.

Also in the comments section, Larry Littlefield writes, “Forget what is said today. Forget what is done today. Nothing today could undo one of the most selfish, greedy, irresponsible eras in state history.”

After an oil spill in the harbor earlier today, the Coast Guard says the damage is minimal.

Efforts to establish Newtown Creek as a Superfund site continue.

A judge ordered two trials for Bernie Kerik, one for alleged tax problems, one for charges of corruption.

Secy. Clinton is headed to Mexico.

Ben Bernanke considered suing A.I.G. but was worried it would be too expensive.

Elsewhere: Paterson’ Judicial Pick, Albany’s Budget Delays