Elsewhere: Rudy Robocalls, St. Vincent’s Prevails

Martin Dilan thinks the M.T.A. bailout deadline probably is a little bit flexible, but the legislature better look at alternatives anyway.

Robo-calls from Rudy Giuliani on behalf of Jim Tedisco are being heard in New York City, which doesn’t make much sense.

But then, reportedly Michael Steele’s future depends on Tedisco.

The W.F.P. is interviewing four public advocate candidates tomorrow.

Coney Island’s community board is conflicted over Michael Bloomberg‘s redevelopment plan.

Numerous officials signed onto a letter asking David Paterson not to let Atlantic Yards get stimulus money.

St. Vincent’s Hospital prevailed and will be allowed to tear down the O’Toole Building.

Cincinnatus questions the wisdom of high-speed rail upstate.

As of today, trash in North Brooklyn will be removed by train, not truck.

A blogger applauds Jefferson County for launching its livestream.

The Brooklyn Optimist’s informal poll finds that few people are happy that Rupert Murdoch bought The Brooklyn Paper.

A North Brooklyn blogger mourns the Greepoint Courier.

At Room 8, charlie is still defending Yvette Clarke.

In the comments section, Albany Sceptic questions the Democrats’ wisdom regarding the term-limits bill.

The incomparable Niall Stanage writes of recent violence in Northern Ireland, “there has for some time been a significant and dangerous disconnect between how Northern Ireland is perceived from the outside and the situation on the ground.”

Elsewhere: Rudy Robocalls, St. Vincent’s Prevails