Elsewhere: So Many Eyes on the 20th

After days of blanket media coverage, both Dan Janison and Adam Nagourney question if this 20th congressional district special election is really such a big deal.

According to Politico, Jim Tedisco is in trouble. Unless he isn't!

Exit polling shows a close race.

Here's what White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had to say.

There may be text messages from the Tedisco campaign going to voters who live near, but not in, the district. It's not clear why this is getting so much attention.

Election results will be posted here.

There is already a ballot challenge brewing.

Turnout in the Brookhaven town supervisor election is not so high.

Steve Israel, a recruitment director for the DCCC, isn't paying his DCCC dues.

Is this the dark before the dawn in Albany?

Senate Republicans have seven budget amendments.

Neither Niagara nor Erie County will benefit from slot-machine revenue anymore.

State lawmakers are restoring a number of David Paterson's cuts.

There's a fair amount of money going to troubled Governors Island.

It was supposed to be closed but now will reportedly be open this summer.

Major drama between Ball and Brodsky.

The city is restoring only three river gauges; upstate residents at risk for flooding are not happy.

Denmark is doing a nice job of preserving the Adirondacks.

In this time of Detroit auto-bailouts, Niall Stanage thinks someone should think about Detroit, the actual city.

The E.P.A. is moving to restrict pollution near ports in the U.S.

Newt Gingrich will be the major speaker at the G.O.P.'s biggest fund-raising dinner.

People really love Michelle Obama.

Felix Gillette wonders where Obama could get an economic adviser who can also do TV.

Elsewhere: So Many Eyes on the 20th