Emailing for Pre-Deadline Dollars

Candidates for city offices have been sending out a flurry of emails to supporters seeking last-minute donations in the run-up to the March 16 filing deadline.


Public advocate candidate Mark Green emailed supporters asking them to help him break $100,000, because “the next 30 hours are as important as the past 30 days — for the question will be whether we can raise the money to run a professional campaign to tell voters about my record and ideas.”

The pitch from one of his rivals, Bill de Blasio, said that he’s not running to be a check on just the mayor’s power: “The next Public Advocate will have to hold the Mayor and the Council accountable and speak for the many New Yorkers who are too easily overlooked by their government.”

City Council candidate Jo Anne Simon of Brooklyn told supporters “President Barack Obama has shown that involvement and commitment by people, just like you, can bring about historic change.”

Emailing for Pre-Deadline Dollars