Ferrer for Weprin

In a response of sorts to the ethnically diverse coalition John Liu is putting together for his city comptroller campaign, David Weprin's campaign the endorsement of Fernando Ferrer, the former Bronx borough president and nominee for mayor.

The endorsement will be unveiled officially on the City Hall steps this afternoon.

UPDATE: Ferrer is also going to be a co-chairman of Weprin’s campaign. At the event, Ferrer said Weprin is good on “equity issues” and diversity.

UPDATE II: David Weprin is emphasizing his own claim to diversity in a press release he just handed out. “Weprin, whose mother is Cuban, has consistently advanced the public policy agendas that improve the lives of Hispanics in New York.”

The subject of the release was the endorsement he got today from Ferrer, whom, according to the press release, “remains an important and influential figure in the Hispanic community to this day.”

Ferrer for Weprin