Gioia Agrees to Probe Diversity on Community Boards

In this clip from last night’s Stonewall meeting, Eric Gioia tells  an audience member that he will investigate all 59 community boards in the city to see if they’re living up to diversity requirements.

“Many of them do not have even one openly LGBT member, including Community Board 1 in Astoria, which has the largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population in all of Queens,” Dirk McCall, a gay rights activist, told Gioia.

I covered that part of Queens for three years at another paper and can't say for sure what the size of the LGBT community is  but it is definitely significant.

Gioia's City Council district, which has Community Board 2, is right next door.

Gioia said, if elected, he’d look into the issue citywide, and discussed how he opened the door to diversity in his community board.

“Part of the problem—in government, in this city and across the country—is that it’s a closed club,” Gioia said. “There becomes this club that runs things. If you’re not part of it, not born into it, or you don’t pay your way into it or you don’t do enough favors, you don’t get in.”

He then went on to say, in detail, that he’s not in that kind of club. Gioia Agrees to Probe Diversity on Community Boards