Golisano Says the Demoratic Lean Is Gone, Maybe

ALBANY—Tom Golisano has money for independent-acting lawmakers-no matter what party they're in. 

That's what he said this morning.

"Legislators that we think act responsibly, or act independently of the speakers and the special interests, Responsible New York is here to support you," he just said at a press conference. "Because quite frankly, you don't have much support from these special interests and we're here to help."

He was asked, after appearing on Fred Dicker's radio show, whether he could support anyone who voted for a revenue bill.

"I can't say that categorically now, but I can tell you that's the general thinking. I mean, even if we have to go to the point of supporting every challenger and no incumbent. Even if it means, and it's probably no secret here that Responsible New York probably had [a] leaning toward the Democratic Party, that maybe next time that leaning won't be there. And if we felt the other organization has a better mentality toward Responsible New York, then we'll support those guys."

He declined to say how much money he is willing to spend. Golisano Says the Demoratic Lean Is Gone, Maybe