Housing Works Chicken: GNYHA’s Raske Is Chicken

ALBANY—An advocate at Housing Works sent over this photo from a demonstration the organization put together today outside the offices of the Greater New York Hospital Association, which, along with union 1199 has been running ads decrying David Paterson's proposed health care restructuring.

Housing Works is calling Ken Raske, GNYHA's president a chicken for declining a challenge by Health Commissioner Richard Daines to debate the merits of the governor's proposed health care restructuring.

"Raske, Raske, you don't care! You're laying eggs on good health care!" The demonstrators chanted, according to Housing Works. I'm also told the chicken dance was performed.

Brian Conway, a GNYHA spokesman, issued this statement:

By their actions today, Housing Works may have tarnished any chance of being taken seriously in New York's health care debate. On the very day they're releasing offensive caricatures and staging ill-informed protests, Ken Raske was in Albany doing the serious work of fighting for a budget that protects hospitals, nursing homes, and home care from drastic funding cuts. Their actions have also exposed the ‘public debate' issue as the publicity stunt it was and is. And had anyone at Housing Works paid a fraction of attention to what GNYHA has been saying for months, they'd know that we strongly support additional investments in primary and preventive care.


Housing Works Chicken: GNYHA’s Raske Is Chicken