Iranians for Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg hosted a breakfast yesterday at Gracie Mansion for Persian New Year. Somehow, I wasn’t invited. But Manhattan-based attorney James Irani was, and posted this lengthy account of it.

Highlights from Irani’s account includes a this line about how Bloomberg “spoke about his former wife’s work in Iran before the 1979 Revolution.”

In a brief telephone interview, Irani–a U.S. citizen–recalled Bloomberg saying his former wife taught English to air force personnel in that county. (Dept. of Coincidences: my mom taught English in Iran right before the Revolution, too.)

In the interview, Irani said he will support Bloomberg for re-election “because I find him an interesting man.” Irani also called him “practical” more than once.

I asked Irani if the mayor’s outspokenness in support of Israel might dampen his popularity among other Persians. Irani, who is Muslim, said it’s doubtful.

“On a personal basis, I have no problem with that. There are certain policies that Israel exerts that I support myself. He’s the mayor of the city, not the president of the United States, so he is entitled to have his own views.”

“It is best for our community to vote for Bloomberg,” he said.

Iranians for Bloomberg