Klein: M.T.A. ‘Blueprint’ Coming Tuesday Morning

ALBANY—State Senate Democrats conferenced for less than an hour after their session today, with Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein said there will be a "blueprint" for bailing out the M.T.A. unveiled tomorrow morning.

"They're going to lay it out," Klein said to reporters, including Kyle Hughes of nysnys.com who showed me his video of the exchange.

Staffers spent the weekend working on the issue, and the blueprint was developed by Majority Leader Malcolm Smith and key central staffers, sources said. It's said to be tailored to accommodate several senators who staked out positions against the Ravitch plan and its attached tolls. Smith did not appear in public today.

I reported earlier that there was (finally!) a plan and it was going to be presented this afternoon. Looks like I was off on the timing. Klein: M.T.A. ‘Blueprint’ Coming Tuesday Morning