Licensed to Kilt! Sean Connery Bequeaths His Bare-Leggedness to Ed Westwick

Country singer Kellie Pickler is a bit of a skirt chaser.

“I think it’s sexy,” the platinum blond 22-year-old former American Idol contestant told the Daily Transom. “I think it’s great. Real men wear kilts!”

Ladies, not so much! Ms. Pickler wore a non-plaid Gwen Russell-designed red gown to the “Dressed to Kilt” fashion show, organized by the Friends of Scotland and hosted by the hilly country’s reigning king, the actor Sean Connery, at the M2 Ultra Lounge in Chelsea on Monday night, March 30.

Mr. Connery, who himself sported a kilt for the same event three years ago, was noticeably hiding his still-sturdy 78-year-old stems this time around.

The Daily Transom was stunned to learn that the famed Scot has never actually worn the traditional man skirt in any of his movies, a secret the original James Bond divulged as he zipped along the red carpet. (Turns out, the actor George Lazenby was the only 007 to slip into a kilt on screen.)

“I’m going to be shy and wear my underwear,” said 21-year-old actor Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl fame, a self-confessed kilt virgin, prior to his maiden bare-legged voyage down the catwalk.

Mr. Westwick was joined on the runway by fellow actors Andie MacDowell and Mike Myers, among others, who strutted their stuff in front of a panel of judges that included New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia, former Project Runway contestant Laura Bennett, and restaurateur Angus McIndoe, a legitimate Scotsman!

Before her catwalk, Ms. MacDowell informed the Daily Transom of her deep Scottish roots, which dated back to at least the 1700s, when her ancestors were lords of a region called Galloway (look it up).

But had she ever worn a kilt? No. Her young daughter wanted to. “But she wanted it to be short,” the matronly Ms. MacDowell said. They wore full-length dresses instead.

Alex McCord, co-star of the Bravo series The Real Housewives of New York City, came clad in a short-length tartan dress that she has proudly owned since the age of 19. It still fits!

Her husband, Simon Van Kempen, on the other hand, does not possess a similar predilection for Celtic fashion. He doesn’t own a single kilt.

That doesn’t mean Ms. McCord didn’t enjoy the evening’s ample views.

“As long as the man wearing the kilt has good legs, I am very happy to look,” she said, “especially if there is a gust of wind.”

Licensed to Kilt! Sean Connery Bequeaths His Bare-Leggedness to Ed Westwick