Maloney Ally Pappas in Albany With Gillibrand

ALBANY—Marcia Pappas, the outspoken head of the New York State chapter of the National Organization of Women, just appeared beside Kirsten Gillibrand at a press conference in Manhattan to support the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Pappas favored Representative Carolyn Maloney for the Senate seat during the nomination process, saying Gillibrand didn't have enough of a track record on major issues. Pappas even accompanied Maloney around the Capitol before the decision was made.

"My focus is making sure that women's rights are on the table, and I will work with whoever's in office to make that happen," Pappas told me by phone before the press conference. "I don't think anything has changed, other than she's here and we need to work with her, and she's already doing a great job. The issues are important to us, and we're willing to work with anyone who's willing to work on these issues."

Pappas said that the national office of N.O.W. would not now make any decision about the endorsement in the Democratic primary that could potentially pit Gillibrand against Maloney. Maloney Ally Pappas in Albany With Gillibrand