Morning Read: A.I.G. Madness, Spitzer’s Return

“People say you’re going to hurt me. Yes,” said Michael Bloomberg during his radio show this morning, referring to proposed

“People say you’re going to hurt me. Yes,” said Michael Bloomberg during his radio show this morning, referring to proposed health care cuts.

Bloomberg disagrees with Andrew Cuomo’s handling of A.I.G. bonuses.

“If you work in the private sector, I don't think that your salaries and bonuses should be in the public domain,” Bloomberg said.

The New York Post editorial board says Cuomo’s work on bonuses have benefited the public but asks: “does he know where to draw the line?”

“You couldn’t make this stuff up,” Cuomo said of the charges.

Danny Hakim has more.

State Democratic Party Chair June O’Neil said David Paterson didn’t know A.I.G. gave the state party $100,000 two weeks before he pushed lawmakers to help save the company.

Hank Morris’ lawyer proclaimed his client’s innocence in the wake of the 128-page indictment filed yesterday.

The State Senate’s math on their M.T.A. plan may be a little fuzzy.

“Morris acted like a character right out of the Tammany era,” writes Fred Dicker.

In an interview airing Sunday on CNN, Eliot Spitzer said, “I also feel [that] if I'm asked, and I can contribute to a very important conversation.”

Eric Adams' says his Brooklyn district is so dangerous, he needs an armed escort to accompany his staffers.

Bill de Blasio, Betsy Gotbaum and others want the 2010 census to count those who identify as gay.

In Brooklyn, Steve DiBrienza asks the city to investigate him.

On Staten Island, newly sworn-in Councilman Ken Mitchell said, “I'll work every day for you.”

In Queens, Julissa Ferreras said support from women put her over the top.

City Council candidate Yen Chou raised more money than anyone else in the borough.

Mike Schenkler still thinks Queens Borough President Helen Marshall isn’t running for re-election, and also, John Liu’s candidacy hurts David Weprin the most.

The City Council delayed a vote on a controversial school project in Maspeth.

In Irvington, unofficial results show a Republican challenger ousted a Democrat by 37 votes.

In Mt. Vernon, there’s a call for a teen curfew.

In Yorktown, the public is surprised someone made a secret recording of a conversation with the town’s supervisor.

Bloomberg grabbed a quick dinner last night.

April Fool’s Day may not be funny.

And this guy takes Jacob Gershman’s notion one step further, and says America needs Eliot Spitzer. Morning Read: A.I.G. Madness, Spitzer’s Return