Morning Read: Carrion’s Home, Weiner’s Filing, Nassau’s Plan

Adolfo Carrion is not saying how much, if anything, he paid a contractor whose development projects in the borough later got his approval.

Anthony Weiner amended, but did not explain, his problematic campaign finance records.

Unlike Michael Bloomberg, Bill Thompson supports raising taxes on millionaires.

High praise for Tom Frieden, from MSNBC.

In City Hall, grim budget numbers.

A study released today about young homeless people in New York City paints a grim picture.

Gotham Gazette looks at who’s showing up for work in the City Council.

Rock Hackshaw could have broken the John Liu story if he weren’t busy with his own campaign.

Letitia James leads a lawsuit to block Michael Bloomberg from moving a homeless shelter to Brooklyn.

Jim Molinaro’s advice to the governor: “I think what you have emphasize to people is, you inherited this mess.” Paterson’s reply, “I know!”

In Nassau, there’s a tentative deal with unions to avoid layoffs.

Here’s a lengthy look at the race for Brian Foley’s old job in Brookhaven.

In Mt. Vernon, Mayor Clinton Young has a new aide to do community outreach, but said it’s unrelated to the problems surrounding another aide who allegedly threatened a local Democratic operative.

In Nyack, the mayor wants to trim up to 10 percent of employee pay.

In Port Chester, the Journal News endorses the incumbent mayor for re-election.

In Clarkstown, there’s a vote today on a $187 million bond to fix local infrastructure.

At Jones Beach, Donald Trump owes rent.

In the Bronx, Larry Seabrook’s challengers include a local 1199 SEIU organizer [2nd item]. Also, the district attorney was notified about a local G.O.P. operative who withdrew $4,500 from a Republican-held bank account without explanation.

The New York Post editorial board rages against union pensions.

The World Socialist Web Site covers a recent rally outside City Hall.

There’s hope for wind turbines.

And here’s Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, who voted against mayoral control, but said he’ll vote for it this time.

Morning Read: Carrion’s Home, Weiner’s Filing, Nassau’s Plan