Morning Read: M.T.A. Fallout, the Absence of Baez

Michael Bloomberg expressed concern about raising taxes on New Yorkers making more than $500,000.

It's been evident for awhile, but today the Times reports that Democrats in New York know they have a leadership vacuum.

This may partially explain it.

Michael Daly complains, “[David] Paterson had no real duties at all, right up to the day he replaced Spitzer.”

Andrew Cuomo said nine of the top 10 bonus recipients at A.I.G. will give the money back; he won’t release the names of people who do.

Out of 20 “big wigs” at the company, 15 agreed to give back the entirety of their bonuses.

Bill Hammond doesn't want to let Eliot Spitzer rewrite his legacy, writing, “Spitzer's investigation of A.I.G., for example, was about shady reinsurance contracts. It had nothing to do with the toxic assets that ultimately brought the company down.”

Anthony Weiner dined at the Four Seasons recently.

Maria Baez shows up to work 47.5 percent of the time.

Bill de Blasio scolded the head of the Administration for Children Services.

The A.C.S. commissioner said if caseloads rise because of layoffs, he’d ask for money to hire more people.

Dan Squadron has a plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Hiram Monserrate "temporarily" stepped down from his chairmanship after he was indicted yesterday.

Monserrate said he won’t resign.

At the M.T.A., there is much pain.

Malcolm Smith “can't get his members to agree on Mom and apple pie; there's no way they'd vote to impose bridge tolls at least not without a push (and a whole lot of political cover) from the Assembly,” writes the New York Post editorial board.

“M.T.A. fare hikes will eat up at least half” of the stimulus money, writes Nicole Gelinas.

Bob Kappstatter writes “We're told state Sen. Pedro Espada isn't returning our calls because he's got his tail in a sling over that Wascally Wabbit nickname.” Also, Efrain Gonzalez is throwing a fund-raiser for Ruth Hassell-Thompson.

The Daily News runs an editorial about Adolfo Carrion that sound Kapstatter-esque.

In Putnam County, Greg Ball fights illegal immigration.

In Red Hook, a poll site remains in place, for now.

Cindy Adams notes “PER a reader named M. Schenkler: ‘Congress is looking into this Bernie Madoff scandal. The guy who made $50 billion disappear is being investigated by people who made $750 billion disappear.’ ”

And here's recent footage of the oft-absent Maria Baez, who had a special message for the New York Post after it ran a controversial cartoon.

Morning Read: M.T.A. Fallout, the Absence of Baez