Morning Read, Upstate: A Big Budget With New Taxes

The state's budget contains about $10 billion in taxes and fees.

It also has money for a soccer hall of fame in Oneonta and the Urban Yoga Foundation.

Fred Dicker writes about David Paterson's team in a way that will leave none of them particularly happy.

Budget Director Laura Anglin may be headed for greener pastures.

In a statement, Paterson described the budget as a "solid foundation" filled with "tough choices."

Cuts to healthcare were a little less than half what Paterson originally proposed.

Property tax rebate checks were eliminated, and Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos gives the budget an F.

State Senator Tom Libous called it "a disgrace to every taxpayer."

A winery owner is happy the budget doesn't allow the sale of wine in supermarkets.

The Daily News continues to hit Albany, writing today about lobbyists.

Landlord interests have contributed heavily to several State Senate Democrats.

The News editorial board calls the deal to restructure drug sentencing "dangerous."

The race between Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy is about something much bigger.

Murphy would be a rubber stamp, Tedisco says.

Freda Solomon said Tedisco would stand up for military issues like her late husband did.

Bob Conner says he will vote for Tedisco.

Louise Slaughter held a town hall about the federal stimulus.

And below, Representative Eric Massa makes a call on Murphy's behalf: Morning Read, Upstate: A Big Budget With New Taxes