Morning Read, Upstate: Budget in Flux, Sundwall Exits

A deal to reform the Rockefeller Drug Laws is reached. The details leaked out as a coalition was protesting for a repeal at David Paterson's office.

Things are still up in the air in other areas of the budget, but the bottle bill will reportedly expand to cover water and anti-smoking programs will be cut.

There's also a plan on the table to tax utility companies.

The Poughkeepsie Journal thinks Paterson is serious about holding down costs.

Legislative minorities do matter: Republican noise about a proposed Power Authority rate hike stopped it.

The M.T.A. enacted its doomsday budget. Michael Daly rips the "gang of three" as the responsible parties. Increased costs could come as soon as May.

Any state layoffs would particularly hurt the Capital Region.

Some S.U.N.Y. students are protesting a tuition hike that will largely go to balance the state budget.

U.S.A. Today writes about the Congressional race between Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy.

Libertarian Eric Sundwall is off the ballot for Congress.

Slow action by state officials pushed a window company from Syracuse to Pittsburgh.

Malcolm Smith is scheduled to be in Rochester tonight.

The secession question comes up.

And below, a harsh radio attack ad launched by the pro-Palin PAC, Our Country Deserves Better, against Scott Murphy:

Morning Read, Upstate: Budget in Flux, Sundwall Exits