Morning Read, Upstate: Rich Tax Deal May Be Done, The Last 20th Debate

A budget called "the big ugly" progesses.

Sheldon Silver lines up behind a tax hike for New Yorkers earning more than $300,000.

The State Senate is pushing for $350,000, but the News reports "a source with knowledge of the talks said the Senate plan is "a nonstarter with the governor, and it's a nonstarter with the speaker, so it's not going anywhere."

School aid will remain flat.

E.J. McMahon wonders why it took so long for the state to announce layoffs.

The M.T.A. warns its bond rating may go down unless Albany acts.

Kirsten Gillibrand defended big tobacco back in the day. (This came up during her campaign, too.)

The last debate between Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy is packed with partisans. Bob Conner said it was a draw, but noted Murphy's "Mr. Rogers delivery that Bobby Jindal used in his notoriously ineffective rebuttal to President Obama's address to Congress." (Tedisco called Conner's blog "nasty.)

Video of the debate is here.

Tedisco, after decrying the stimulus as pork, said during the debate that he never said that.

The race has taken on national significance and meaning after Barack Obama and Joe Biden cut ads for Murphy.

Another departure from the State Insurance Fund.

Assemblyman Greg Ball wants colleague Richard Brodsky to investigate I.B.M. outsourcing.

Tom Golisano threatened legislators who vote for tax hikes.

The beginnings of a Hiram Monserrate defense fund, with the blessing of Malcolm Smith.

And below, a video by the Democratic National Committee emphasizing Barack Obama's endorsement of Scott Murphy: Morning Read, Upstate: Rich Tax Deal May Be Done, The Last 20th Debate