O’Byrne On Paterson, Back Then

From the 2005 Paterson report that Ben put up (and which Liz unearthed this week), some interesting detail about the views of Charles O’Byrne, then the head of press operations who went on to become Paterson’s closest confidante and enforcer.

From the section detailing an interview of O’Byrne by the report’s authors:

“Thinking more about the culture of good government disables us from being politically smart.”

Says there is a need to identify signature issues for Paterson – such as health or education – so that he can “become more recognized as a Denny Farrell or a Charles Rangel.”

Says Minority operation lacks a sufficient “political mindset.”

Rated the conference’s performance a 2.5 on a scale of 1-5.

O’Byrne On Paterson, Back Then