Paterson Explains Why He Put Bill Cunningham Back

ALBANY—Bill Cunningham, who retired last month as the governor’s secretary, remains close by.

David Paterson was asked about Cunningham’s new role after the Post reported this morning that Cunningham remains on the governor’s staff, earning $170,000 as a senior adviser.

“I didn’t rehire him, we just put him back where he had been very effective as an adviser,” Paterson said. “His role is as it had been: a person that worked on a number of special projects. Right now what he’s doing is assisting our senior adviser for infrastructure Tim Gilchrist.”

“One of the areas where we’ve needed some help is in the decision-making about which projects—all of which are shovel-ready—should be the first ones we address and working with those in government and those in local government to try to facilitate that.”

Cunningham was replaced by Larry Schwartz, who earns $178,000 as secretary.

Paterson Explains Why He Put Bill Cunningham Back