Sources: Bloomberg Will Join Steele for April 1 Event

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele is coming to Manhattan on April 1 for an event that is slated to include a number of New York Republicans, and also Michael Bloomberg, according to two sources familiar with the event.

Bloomberg is currently courting local G.O.P. officials because he is hoping to be allowed to run in the Republican primary.

The event is scheduled to take place at the Women’s National Republican Club in Manhattan, and is being organized by Matt Mahoney, according to one of the sources. Mahoney is a Republican operative currently working on Bloomberg’s campaign.

Another source stressed that the details of the event were still being finalized, but did acknowledge the mayor was among the people expected to attend.

An email to Bloomberg’s campaign was not immediately returned.

The event could help bolster Bloomberg’s credentials with Republicans, who right now are deciding whether to allow him to run in their mayoral primary.

Republicans have griped that Bloomberg has not embraced Republican positions, let alone Republican officials. Although Bloomberg donated $500,000 to State Senate Republicans, he has not endorsed many for re-election, and many local Republicans have complained that during Bloomberg’s tenure, their phone calls to City Hall have gone unanswered.

Bloomberg, who left the G.O.P. in 2007, needs support from three of five county chairman to run. The leader of the Brooklyn G.O.P. already voted to support Bloomberg, and the Staten Island leader indicated he will too. Leaders in Queens and the Bronx have publicly expressed opposition to Bloomberg. The deciding vote by Manhattan is schedule for May 6, after a candidates screening which Bloomberg campaign aides have said he will attend.

Sources: Bloomberg Will Join Steele for April 1 Event