Stimulus Funds Bring Bloomberg and Weiner Together

Here’s Michael Bloomberg introducing Anthony Weiner at the press conference in Brooklyn this morning, and thanking him for securing federal money for the city.

When he took the stage Weiner said the “middle class and those struggling to make it” will be helped by the stimulus funding because mayors, like Bloomberg, won’t have to “make the deep slashes that they might otherwise have had to made.”

The stage-sharing moment between Bloomberg, who is running for re-election, and Weiner, who is and sort of isn’t running against him, wasn’t without humor.

Weiner concluded his remarks by saying, “And I want thank all of you for being here. And I guess I have to relinquish the podium.”

Bloomberg seemed very amused.

Weiner walked off stage and left the event before reporters could ask any questions. Stimulus Funds Bring Bloomberg and Weiner Together