The Politics of Mileage

Here’s a mail piece from Mark Lesko, the Democrat running for Brookhaven Town Supervisor, a position recently vacated by State Senator Brian Foley.

Lesko says his opponent, Republican Tim Mazzei, spent $2,800 for 732 gallons of gas for a taxpayer-funded S.U.V. which only got 15 miles per gallon.

A spokeswoman for Mazzei says Lesko has not taken the opportunity to explain where the numbers in the mailing comes from, or to question Mazzei about it at public events.

The Mazzei spokeswoman also said they’ve been endorsed by the New York State League of Conservative Voters, an environmental group that supported Foley, a Democrat, in a prior race for this seat.

The election is on March 31.

The Politics of Mileage