The Reconstruction of Eliot Spitzer

Welcome back, Mr. ex-Governor.

This week the Steamroller has been on a roll, writing columns about the financial mess on Slate, appearing to talk about it on national TV and on the radio at WNYC, giving an interview to the Times and floated across a magazine cover as the best next Treasury Secretary. That's all in a week.

We had an inkling of this back to December, when we first learned he'd be writing a biweekly column for Slate about finance and politics, something that seemed to position him on the slow road to a comeback.

And then this last week, with AIG and American populist rage in the news, we saw a Spitzer boomlet. The crackdown artist has increased his metabolism on Slate, with not one, not two, but three columns published there in the last week.

There was an appearance on the Brian Lehrer show. "As you suggested, there was a period when as Attorney General of New York I was pursuing issues that nobody else wanted to pursue," said Mr. Spitzer to Mr. Lehrer, barely concealing his glee. "And we pursued AIG and Wall Street’s structural failures in a way that others shied away from because it was politically unpalatable for them to address those issues. Now it is the flavor of the month."

We'll say!

There was a quote in Joe Nocera’s Saturday Times business column where he was posed as a genius on AIG. On Sunday, there was an appearance on Fareed Zakaria GPS, a friendly forum where he also talked about those bonuses.

And then, there's his byline, on the cover of Newsweek yesterday, floating over a stock photo of a torches-and-pitchforks crowd. Inside the magazine, there’s Mr Spitzer's restrained, stoic piece, explaining that civil debate is the way out of the financial mess.

"What we need to restore to the Washington debate is logic, not anger; principles, not wrath," he wrote in his Newsweek piece.

As of this morning, it is both the most e-mailed and most viewed story on their Web site.  

And then, finally, Katrina vanden Heuvel wrote for The Nation's Web site yesterday that Mr. Spitzer would make a fine candidate to replace Tim Geithner.

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  The Reconstruction of Eliot Spitzer