The Week in DVR: Major League Laughs, Ladies and Babies, Pearl Jam Still Alive

Monday: How I Met Your Mother What’s the only thing better than an episode of How I Met Your Mother?

Monday: How I Met Your Mother
What’s the only thing better than an episode of How I Met Your Mother? How about two! Tonight CBS brings us both a brand new edition and a classic rerun of the yet-to-be-picked-up-for-another-season comedy. We’re not to the point where we can watch new episodes of How I Met Your Mother—we’ve been catching up, slowly but surely, using iTunes and Lifetime—but we’ll be there for the repeat. In the season three gem, titled “The Bracket”, Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney builds a March Madness-style bracket to figure out which woman scorned is trying to sabotage his future sexual conquests. It’s as funny as it sounds, and while we have yet to see every episode, we’d be comfortable in calling this one of the series’ finest. Plus, it ends with an homage to Doogie Howser that can only qualify as awesome. [CBS, 8:30 p.m.]

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Tuesday: Proof of Life
Long before Tony Gilroy was a purveyor of adult-minded dramatics like Michael Clayton and Duplicity, he was a screenwriter-for-hire who wrote everything from the cheesy (The Cutting Edge) to the outstanding (The Bourne Identity). So on the list of Mr. Gilroy’s credits, Proof of Life sits somewhere in the middle. The Taylor Hackford-directed kidnapping drama is probably most remembered for the offscreen affair that blossomed between stars Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan, but we are always shocked at how much the film mirrors Casablanca. There’s Russell-as-Bogie, Meg-as-Ingrid and a shockingly bouncy and invested David Caruso in the Claude Rains role, stealing every scene out from under his more accomplished co-stars. [Action Max, 8:20 a.m.]

Wednesday: Pearl Jam: Ten Revisited
Ready to feel old? On Tuesday, last-grunge-band-standing Pearl Jam will reissue their 12-million-selling debut album Ten as the start of a two-year catalogue rerelease program that leads up to the band’s 20th anniversary in 2011. This special, which premiered on VH1 over the weekend, takes a look back at the making of that album, and the band, with the depth and breadth of a Wikipedia entry. But once you hear the opening chords of “Alive”, we guarantee you’ll pull your old flannel shirts out of storage and rock along. [VH1, 11 a.m.]

Thursday: In the Motherhood
Another week, another ABC sit-com. After the lukewarm premiere of Better Off Ted, the network trots out In the Motherhood, a new comedy based on the popular Web series of the same name. Whether or not In the Motherhood is likely to succeed is certainly up for debate (put us on the “not succeed” side of the ledger), but what we cannot understand is why ABC felt the need to recast the show. Stars Cheryl Hines and Megan Mullally are funny, but the trio of mothers in the Web incarnation—Leah Remini, Chelsea Handler and Jenny McCarthy, respectively—seem like money in the bank. Oh, well. We can always watch their version on YouTube. [ABC, 8 p.m.]

Friday: Major League
It wouldn’t be spring without our yearly viewing of Major League. As much as we love the stuffy elegance of The Natural and Field of Dreams, this is our favorite baseball movie, one that perfectly encapsulates what the sport is all about—the importance of team chemistry. The players in Major League are mishmash group of drunks, womanizers, has-beens, convicts and religious fanatics. And yet they still band together to win it all… as a team. Something tells us this movie doesn’t get a lot of play in the Yankees clubhouse. [Cinemax, 8 p.m.]

The Week in DVR: Major League Laughs, Ladies and Babies, Pearl Jam Still Alive