Thompson Wants Spending Cap Lifted Now

Now that his major Democratic primary opponent is, it would seem, basically out of the way, Bill Thompson is focusing on a new opponent: the city Campaign Finance Board.

Thompson aides have recently been speaking more openly about their desire to start raising money for the general election before the Democratic primary is over.

There is a cap on how much Thompson can spend in the primary – where he faces long-shot candidate Tony Avella. If he wins, which he likely will, he'll face self-funded candidate Michael Bloomberg in the general election–and he will have no spending cap then. 

"Obviously you can’t wait,” Thompson said when I asked him about this at his press conference just now.

“I think it creates an unfair advantage if you have to wait until after the September primary to start to raise funds for the general election.”

A spokesman for the Campaign Finance Board said mayoral candidates are not prohibited from raising money for the general election right now, but that the law, as it stands now, would not permit the spending cap to be lifted prematurely. Thompson Wants Spending Cap Lifted Now