Vegging Out: Sir Paul and Stella McCartney Espouse Meatless, Hybrid Lifestyle at Eco-A-List Bash

“My daughter is getting an award so I’m a proud duh-dee!” Paul McCartney told the Daily Transom at the Natural Resources Defense Council’s annual Forces for Nature benefit at 583 Park Avenue on Monday, March 30, where his daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney, and Discovery Communications’ CEO David Zaslav were honored for their respective environmental work.

Mr. McCartney, wearing a lightweight European aristo scarf indoors, was accompanied by his lady friend, M.T.A. board member Nancy Shevell, who has been publicly scolded lately for skipping budget meetings while cavorting across the pond in England with her new beau.

“Together now!” a scrum of photographers yelped at the pair. Ms. Shevell gave Mr. McCartney a pouty look, but then scurried up next to him anyway, posing for photos in her violet minidress and curious, sparkle-covered nude leggings, which seemed to recall the singer Britney Spears’ outfit at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.

“We recycle, I drive a hybrid, and we’re vegetarian, which the United Nations recently said is the single most effective thing an individual can do because of cattle-rearing and its effects on the environment,” opined Mr. McCartney. “I’ve been a vegetarian for 35 years,” he added, “and I’m now only 37!” (He’s actually 66.)

Around the room, other guests were discussing their own minor contributions to the environmental movement, too. “Our daughter has us using recycled toilet paper!” the Daily Transom overheard one man exclaim to his dinner companion.

A number of powerful moguls attended, including financier Ron Perelman, former Viacom president Tom Freston, IAC chairman Barry Diller and IMG honcho Ted Forstmann—the latter two, accompanied by Diane von Furstenberg and Padma Lakshmi, respectively. Also present were several SNL cast members invited by their boss, Lorne Michaels, who bought a table that evening. (30 Rock star Alec Baldwin served as emcee for the event.)

“We fell asleep, rolled out of bed and rolled into here,” said comedian Fred Armisen, with Mad Men actress Elizabeth Moss on his arm.

“We’re going to L.A. soon and we’re going to get our little hybrid cars—that’s our big move,” Ms. Moss told the Daily Transom. “But,” she added, turning to Mr. Armisen, “we’re pretty good, right?”

“Yeah,” he chimed in, “and we’re pretty recycle-y.”

Do they wish they were greener? “I always buy new clothes and then I throw them away, so I’d like to start reusing them,” joked Mr. Armisen. “I never do the laundry. Really expensive suits—right in the garbage!”

Nearby, fellow SNL standout Seth Meyers was making his way inside. “My boss invited me,” he told the Daily Transom. Invited or told? “No, he asks me. He’s powerful enough to know that asking will do the trick.”

Mr. Meyers said his carbon footprint has been relatively small. “I don’t have a driver’s license right now so I can’t burn any gas, and anytime I turn on my air conditioner, it blows the fuse,” he noted. “My prewar apartment building has very strong feelings about being green.”

What else can he do to help? “I am only going to have sex with the light off!” Mr. Meyers pledged.

Ms. McCartney, the evening’s honoree, teetered in right before the dinner began in a royal blue, sheer-topped dress. The Transom wondered what, if anything, is most frustrating for the eco-conscious designer.

“The meat industry!” she replied. “It’s responsible for all the carbon emissions during its worldwide transport.”

Ms. McCartney’s father suddenly dashed toward her holding up his cellular phone like a tape recorder to mock the reporters lining up to speak with her.

“But, what do you think about the environment?” demanded Mr. McCartney in a silly Irish accent.

“No more questions, no more questions!” she shrieked at him to play along. After which, father and daughter posed together for photos and retreated inside. Vegging Out: Sir Paul and Stella McCartney Espouse Meatless, Hybrid Lifestyle at Eco-A-List Bash