Weiner Reconsiders 2009

Anthony Weiner told supporters he’s reconsidering whether or not to run for mayor, just two days after telling reporters in City Hall that he was still running.

Weiner, whose campaign has been suspiciously quiet for some time, wrote:

So you won’t see me holding campaign rallies. You won’t see me knocking on doors asking for votes.

There is a time for politics, but this is a time for problem solving. And boy do we have a lot of problems to solve in Washington today.
At the beginning of the summer when Congress takes a break, I will look at the lay of the land again and try to determine the best political course.

But I will be guided by the same principles that have directed me for my whole career. How can I help ensure that New York remains the capital of the middle class and a City of opportunity for all those trying to make it?

Weiner Reconsiders 2009