Will the Real Leighton Meester Please Stand Up?

At the top of a Web site titled “C’est La Vie” is a photo of Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester reclining in a silver chair and typing away on a mini pink laptop. In the “About Me” section we learn that the blog is authored by a 22-year-old Leighton Marissa—Ms. Meester’s real age and middle name—who lives in New York and describes herself as a “butterfly with a broken wing.” Interests include: acting, writing, singing, photography and fashion.

At first, all signs seemed to point to one of Ms. Meester’s devoted fans who, perhaps with the help of Google alerts, assumed the actress’ identity and chronicled her day-to-day life based on reported news items. It’s a little creepy, but it made sense. After all, news of Ms. Meester’s latest Rolling Stone cover along with Blake Lively, her Reebok campaign and the fact that she attended the Academy Awards are all easily accessible via the Internet.

But then, after taking a closer look, we noticed posts that seemed too intimate to be based on public information. There was a photo of Ms. Meester in a bathing suit and no makeup with a friend (this post has been taken down since Saturday). There are candid shots of an abandoned Gossip Girl set. And then there are the answers to readers’ questions like these:

Kari Kackman: What has been your favorite professional experience?? And have you ever become friends with any of your fans??
My favorite professional experience is definitely be Gossip Girl. I’ve been in this business for quite sometimes but GG definitely IS my big break. And yes, I became friends with some fans.

Anna Malcolm: Heard you’re coming out with an album, true? If so, what’s it gonna sound like?!
Yes, that is so true. It’s gonna be electropop with a bit of R&B, a bit of lounge-y jazzy tunes 🙂

Melissa Stevenson: do you think that being famous makes you happier? NO, end of story.

We wondered: Could this actually be the real Leighton?

Unfortunately, according to Ms. Meester’s publicist, the blog is not authored by our favorite Gossip Girl. Could the actress be a victim of the growing phenomenon of fan fiction among fans of shows like Mad Men and Gossip Girl? Looks that way. Grammatical errors and overuse of the French language also lead us to believe that her fan might be foreign. Meanwhile, the fake Leighton seems to enjoy poetry, visits a shrink  and complains about paparazzi—this we imagine is also true of the real Leighton. But we’re sort of relieved to know that the line  “butterfly with a broken wing” didn’t come from the actress herself.

Will the Real Leighton Meester Please Stand Up?