Brown drops out of the governor’s race

The gubernatorial candidacy of inventor David Brown is over.

“The official word came in from the Secretary of State’s Office today that I will not be on the ballot,” Brown told “I didn’t have a problem with Steve Lonegan doing what he did. My problem was how he went about it.”

Brown of South Brunswick said only under oath in an administrative law judge’s hearing room was he able to ascertain the alliance that attorney Michael Daily had with the movement conservative gubernatorial candidate.

Daily had challenged the validity of Brown’s and Franklin Township Mayor Brian D. Levine’s petition signatures.

A judge determined 43 of Brown’s 49 buffer signatures were registered Democrats. An additional number of signatures registered as “not found,” which drove Brown under the threshold of 1,000 petition signatures.

He questions the system, but “I have to be realistic,” he said. “Being front page news saying I’m out of the race, to go back to square one, wouldn’t work. The financial cost would be substantial and a trying situation.”

Now out of the race, Brown said he plans to support former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie for governor.

“I went through the process and I will be endorsing his candidacy,” Brown said. “He’s competitive. That’s why him and I hit it off as far as our friendship goes. I think he will be a good governor. He was a successful prosecutor. Everyone knows what his strengths are: streamlining and consolidating and auditing government.”

Brownwithdrew from the primary decidely less enthusiastic about Lonegan.

“Steve Lonegan was the person coming into this who I must looked forward to meeting,” said Brown “But I came to be disappointed. There wasn’t much comraderie, the kind of comraderie you would expect from people trying to attain the same goals. When he finally decided to acknowledge my existence, it was to say something negative about the convention process. And yet he was spending more money on campaigning at these conventions than the rest of the candidates combined. Maybe that was why he was so negative. For some reason he thinks his thoughts are thoughts that should dictate the Republican Party’s future, but Republicans weren’t accepting his ideas at the conventions.”

Inspired in part by the vice presidential candidacy of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Brown said he intends to help his party win in November.

“I don’t want to have the feeling I had last November when the GOP lost,” he said. “My motivation was not to just watch from the sidelines and expect for things to go well. I decided to bring my everyday life into politics. What I did, I will continue to do. I’m going to take a step back and think about things. Sen. Thomas Kean (R-Westfield) likes some of my ideas, and we’ve been in touch. I’ve been consulting with him.” Brown drops out of the governor’s race