Carla Katz joins 101.5

New Jersey 101.5 announced today that Carla Katz, a labor leader and political activist, will be on the station starting on Monday, May 4th at six o’clock with The Jersey Guys.

“We’re very excited that Carla is joining the New Jersey 101.5 team,” said Eric Johnson, Program Director for New Jersey 101.5 Radio. “She’s smart, she’s candid, has strong opinions, she’s funny and there is no doubt she’ll stir up some controversy on our station.”

“Carla is an outspoken advocate for working people and an extremely compelling voice in New Jersey’s public arena. Now, Carla will bring her voice to a wider audience — the listeners of New Jersey 101.5 and BEST of all, She’s a Jersey Girl,” says Ray Handel, Group Marketing Director for Millennium Radio and New Jersey 101.5. Carla Katz joins 101.5