Cryan bashes Christie, says Republican would roll back Corzine budget cuts

GOP gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie is promising “massive spending increases” and “tax breaks for the super-wealthy and big corporations are the same policies that left the federal government with a trillion dollar deficit under President Bush, says Democratic State Chairman Joseph Cryan.

“Chris Christie was a Bush pioneer, a Bush contributor, a Bush appointee, and a Bush policymaker. We don’t need another round of Bush policies inflicted on New Jersey,” said Cryan, who is also an Assemblyman from Union County. “Just like Bush, Chris Christie refuses to level with the people of New Jersey,” said Cryan. “He knows what he is saying doesn’t add up, but he’s saying it anyway.”

Cryan says that Christie has pledged the restoration of 75% of Gov. Jon Corzine’s $4 billion spending cuts, and that the former federal prosecutor has rejected Corzine’s proposal to increase a tax on millionaires.

“It’s not that he can’t say what he will cut and what he will keep, it’s that he won’t.”

Cryan criticized Christie for citing studies completed by The Tax Foundation, which he says is funded by right-wing organizations.

“Chris Christie may as well cite Rush Limbaugh if he is going to use this group’s analysis,” said Cryan. “The Tax Foundation is funded by right wing conservative groups and is consistently used to advance agendas, not disseminate facts.”

“When I saw today’s statement, I was hoping he’d announcing that he’d be rolling back Corzine-McGreevey’s 103 tax increases or saving our property tax rebates from Governor Corzine’s chopping block,” said Bill Stepien, Christie’s campaign manager. “Sadly, though, he’s serving as Governor Corzine political caddy yet again. Let’s be honest – Corzine’s so-called spending cuts that he refers to are nothing more than tax increases. Admit that, and then we can have a real discussion.”

Cryan bashes Christie, says Republican would roll back Corzine budget cuts