Cuomo Speaks, and Thompson and DiNapoli Dump Aldus

ALBANY—It's fair to assume that no public connection between a public official and the ongoing pension fund investigation being driven by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is going to last long.

City Comptroller Bill Thompson and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli—who have elections before them—both began the process today of ending relationships with a company caught up in the probe, within hours of an announcement by Cuomo.

DiNapoli issued a statement saying the state's common retirement fund had already been in the process of ending its relationship with Aldus Equity, whose founding partner was charged today, and the charges filed today by Cuomo "have simply accelerated our actions."

"We have terminated Aldus for cause," DiNapoli's statement continues. "We will pursue all legal remedies against Aldus, Saul Meyer and related parties. The one million members of the Common Retirement Fund deserve a full accounting of, and full reparations for, the misdeeds and abuses committed against their pension fund."

His office is preparing a lawsuit. When the investigation first broke, with the indictment of Hank Morris and David Loglisci, DiNapoli's office put out a statement talking about how they had been proactive about reform.

City Comptroller Bill Thompson also put out a statement calling on the trustees of city retirement funds—unlike DiNapoli he is not the sole trustee—to cancel their relationships with Aldus.

"My office last month increased its scrutiny of Aldus Equity Partners based on the New York State Attorney General's issuance of an indictment and the Securities & Exchange Commission's filing of a complaint against Hank Morris and David Loglisci, and the extremely troubling allegations made against Aldus in those documents," Thompson's statement says. "My office has had a lengthy discussion with principals of Aldus to discuss those allegations. Those discussions have only served to increase my office's concerns. Those concerns, coupled with today's charges against Aldus and arrest and indictment of Saul Meyer, lead me to now recommend that the City Systems immediately pursue termination of their relationships with Aldus." Cuomo Speaks, and Thompson and DiNapoli Dump Aldus