Debate moments away in Hoboken

HOBOKEN – If you see CIA types wearing abbreviated Burger King head-sets idling in front one of the hipper fitness joints here, that probably means the governor’s inside, pumping iron. He lives here, of course, and that’s an unstated given in this urban yuppie pleasure dome that still has some harder core, untamed edges in the span of its crunched together six wards, where several mayoral candidates now gather to face off in this debate at Our Lady of Grace Church.

“Will the candidates please come to the stage?”

Six of them mount the steps and settle in behind the microphones, At-Large Councilman Peter Cammarano taking a seat beside arch-enemy 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Ryn Melberg sits on the other side of Mason.

On the pther side of the moderator’spodium sit Frank Orsini, Tom Vincent and Dawn Zimmer.

This debate is co-sponsored by the People for Open Government and the Hoboken Quality of LIfe Coalition.

Debate moments away in Hoboken