Elsewhere: Bloomberg on Sports, Smith’s 32 Votes

"Don't ever think sports is anything but a business," said Michael Bloomberg, in reference to very high ticket prices at the new stadiums.

Our very own Chuck Schumer has been deemed one of the senators in Washington to work with. Kirsten Gillibrand, appropriately, was not judged.

"[T]he huge, fiercely opposed power line," NYRI, is officially dead.

At The Albany Project, devtob has some analysis of how Scott Murphy won his seat in Congress, although it's important to remember that he hasn't quite.

Malcolm Smith says he has the votes to pass the M.T.A. rescue bill.

David Paterson thinks it's worth considering.

Despite the disintegrating economy, the city is sticking by its optimistic population estimates.

Newtown Creek, which might need it more than the Gowanus Canal, may also become a Superfund site.

Pedro Espada, new State Senator from the Bronx, may actually live in Westchester. Elsewhere: Bloomberg on Sports, Smith’s 32 Votes