Elsewhere: Senators Scatter, Flu Goes Upstate

The State Senate does not appear to be working all that hard for you.

A few Senate Democrats are off to Puerto Rico, although Jimmy is not.

Senate Republicans have been spending their time working on a web site: http://www.iwantmystarcheck.com/.

The state health commission said there are 75 possible cases of swine flu being investigated. New regions with possibly swine flu include Orange, Suffolk, Cortland, and Monroe counties. Three schools in New York City are closed.

At West Point, they aren’t even shaking hands.

Brad Aaron is disappointed in Eric Schneiderman’s lack of leadership on the M.T.A.

Ruben Diaz Jr. and Aurelia Greene left the Assembly today.

Also, Scott Murphy was sworn in, and posted a letter at The Albany Project.

John Faso, who may want to be the state Republican chair, told Liz that the current state Republican chair, Joe Mondello, should make a “graceful exit.”

There’s a symposium on Coney Island at N.Y.U. tonight

The Angry New Yorker hates the idea of a $1 charge on taxis.

Elsewhere: Senators Scatter, Flu Goes Upstate